Friday, August 14, 2009

Bound for GenCon in Mere Hours

I'm not one to foist a crushing GenCon schedule onto myself. I generally enjoy sleeping at night and doing events during the day. Also (as evidenced by this post) I'm not even in Indianapolis yet—but since I live in Chicago, I'm only a few hours away, and I hope to be there by nightfall.

For me, GenCon will be an opportunity to catch up with a cadre of buddies from college and play some games. In particular, I hope to crash Zachary's Microlite74 game and play in my first-ever Castles & Crusades session. I'm keen on investigating a few lesser known games, including Godlike, the Mountain Witch and maybe Don't Rest Your Head.

I've also got my fingers crossed that I'll get to leave with a couple copies of Rogue Trader, the new rpg from Fantasy Flight Games set in the Warhammer 40k universe. I did some freelance editing for this project, and I'm really hoping it's available at GenCon. It looks so shiny!

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