Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fresh from 1980: Grenadier's Fighting Men boxed set

The "buy of the day" from last weekend's gaming auction has to be this boxed set of AD&D Fighting Men from Grenadier Models Inc. The set is in mint condition, considering its age.
The box is pristine and the miniatures themselves look like they were cast yesterday. I even had to clean off flash and mold lines, that's how new they were. Take a look:

I love the variety of weapons and poses: halberds, swords, axes, spears, crossbows and more. I don't think any of the dudes herein are fitted out exactly the same way. And is it just me, or do you sense a little trepidation—maybe even fear—in the lead-molded faces of these bold little fighters? They're aggressive, sure, but I'll bet they know when to turn tail and run.

Believe it or not, I snagged this box for $3. I'll be painting a lot of miniatures this winter, so perhaps I'll check back on these fellows so we can see how they've progressed.


crazyred said...

You lucky bastard! Great find!

Anonymous said...

My favorite: the guy in the bottom left who is about to kick in a door - or a crouching Orc's face! Some of these could totally work as a Thief too. I like how they have reasonable poses and seem solid. Not all spindly and frail like nightclub posers dressed up in chainmail bikinis.

Which brings up the lack of female figures ... but oh well. I guess you should have bought the box of Fighting-Women if you wanted those ;P

PatrickWR said...

I love that kicking-in-the-door dude! I challenge you to find a similar pose from today's contemporary miniatures producers.

The auction also featured 2 other Grenadier boxed sets: "Wizards" and the "Adventuring Party" one. I could just kick myself for not picking them up. I don't think bidding went above $8 for either box. Oh well, another day perhaps...

JoeGKushner said...

On one hand, these are pretty terrible figs compared to many of todays.

On the other, they are classic and because they are not modern, are not infested with tiny bits, buckles, belts, straps, and other knick knacks.