Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fully Painted: Fighting-Men with Polearms

A while back I had started collecting a Warhammer Bretonnian army. I never got past my intial purchase, which was a boxed set of Empire Men at Arms. They sat in a box for a few years, but I pulled them out again earlier this summer when I started getting interested in painting up figures for use in my fantasy RPG campaigns. They're multi-part plastic models, and they come packaged with a ton of extras. Take a look at the polearms in this photo—they could have come straight off the pages of Gary's overly detailed halberd illustrations. There's enough diversity on each sprue so no soldier needs ever look like his comrade.

Fully Painted: Death Knight and some Zombies

Fully Painted: Mantic Elves

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Anonymous said...

I like the head and coat variety, and the polearms are nice. The guy right of the man with the pointy grey beard especially looks very solid, and a like the helm on the one behind pointy-beard.

Nice paint job too ;P