Friday, May 21, 2010

Huge lot of Dungeon Crawl Classics on Tanga is offering up 11 separate Dungeon Crawl Classics modules from Goodman Games for the bargain price of $31.99 + shipping. They're written for modern editions of D&D, but that's never stopped me before. This deal's only good until the end of today, May 21.


circuit1971 said...

Sorry for the intrusion. I was trying to contact you privately, but an invite is needed. I happened upon a blog you posted a little over a year ago involving Axis and Allies miniatures. I am researching maps, rules and minor tweaks to the standard A&A rules. My group has developed a campaign system rather than the scenerio system than WotC uses. Anyway in the blog you referred to the HHR rules you and your party developed and that you lived in Chicago. I too live in the Chicagoland area (burbs). We are on version 4 of our campaign rules and are playtesting ideas currently. In a few months we should be gearing up to begin a new campaign and are always interested in adding new players. The group usually numbers from 8-12 players in past campaigns, Consisting of 30-40 somethings. I don't want to throw alot at you as I realize that this comment has nothing to do with dungeon crawl classics, but if you are interested a reply would be appreciated or you lack of one will be understood. By the way you may have heard of the game store we run the campaign out of it's called Games Plus located in Mount Prospect.

PatrickWR said...

Hey circuit, thanks for the comment. I don't play A&A minis anymore, but I'd be glad to sell you my stuff if you want it (lots of 1st edition infantry, support weapons and some of the old-style vehicles).

Drop me an email if you're interested at patrick dot rollens at gmail dot com.