Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Painted Pig Iron: Kolony Ferals and Heavy Infantry

Recently I picked up some excellent miniatures from Pig Iron Productions: the Heavy Infantry and the Kolony Ferals. Both miniature ranges showcase the unique style of Pig Iron's sci-fi stuff. The figures are big without being chunky, hefting weapons that don't look 100% ridiculous compared to their stature.

Compared to other well-known sci-fi miniature lines, the Heavy Infantry troopers have believable armor and equipment, something that looks like a distant relative of the battle armor worn by the Colonial Marines in "Aliens." This inspired me to do a camouflage paintjob, the first time I've ever tried to do camo on a squad of sci-fi miniatures.

I think it came out pretty well! These guys were quick to paint up, and it's hard to describe how different they are compared to traditional sci-fi miniatures. They're not posed heroically; they're standing like a normal guy would stand if he were wearing 80 pounds of armor. I like that you can get a little glimpse of their faces behind those half-helmets...it adds a little humanity to the squad.

They'll soon face off across the table from my new Kolony Ferals!

These dudes are just gnarly. Dressed in rags, with creepy cybernetics poking out everywhere, they're obviously the dregs of society, living on the outskirts of civilization and sifting through the accumulated effluvia of some gritty, futuristic colony outpost. They're among the most unique miniatures I've painted in a while, and I've got some more on order!

My group is playing around with 5150, the generic sci-fi skirmish ruleset from Two Hour Wargames, so these figures will likely hit the table soon. Pictures to follow!


ChicagoWiz said...

Your painting and basing have gotten really good! What is your camera setup and what kinds of settings/post processing are you doing on your photos?

PatrickWR said...

These photos were taken near a window with indirect sunlight. I used the "Cloudy" setting on my point-and-shoot, which is the poor man's auto white balance. No special lighting other than that (just an overhead kitchen light), and no Photoshopping. I just pulled 'em off the camera, shrunk 'em down a bit and uploaded to the blog.

Thank you for the compliments!

Luckyjoe said...

Those look great. I've never owned any Pig Iron stuff. Your excellent paint job makes me want to get some.

The Angry Lurker said...

Just painted my ferals aswell, some lovely painting there.