Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April pledge: painted Terminator robots

In a novel attempt to motivate each other to finish various miniatures, my local club has decided to try out a monthly painting pledge, whereby members can voluntarily declare that they will complete X project during the calendar month. By adding a modicum of accountability we hope to transform our large collective pile of unpainted lead and plastic into a nice bunch of new miniatures to put onto the battlefield.

I played it safe and picked two small projects to work on: my EM-4 Terminator robots and some Copplestone Predator warriors. The Terminators are done (and it's barely April?!); you can see them in the top row of the photo. The bottom row includes similarly painted robots from Legions of Steel, which I picked up at an auction (all 4 of 'em, unpainted) for the bargain price of 25 cents. Together, they'll be my cyborg warband for whatever sci-fi or post-apoc skirmish game we play next.

By the way, I obeyed the cardinal rule of painting Terminators by including a human skull on the base of one cyborg. Respect.


Luckyjoe said...

Those Terminators look great. Nice touch with the skull.

graymatterblues said...

Those look great! I love the idea of doing a monthly painting challenge perhaps I will bring it up at our club.

Which sci-fi skirmish rules do you guys us? Also, do you know of one that has a Necromunda campaign advancement type mechanic?

PatrickWR said...

Hey graymatter, we've been using 5150 from Two Hour Wargames, as well as Wastelands, a free ruleset that you can download here:

5150 is a full-on squad-based sci-fi ruleset, whereas Wastelands is decidedly more post-apoc in nature and has a heavy dose of RPG flavor to it. Both work well with our group!

Dangerous Brian said...

Excellent idea. They look great too.