Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The One-Two Approach to Starting a Campaign

Our group has stumbled across a simple, effective tool for generating excitement about a new campaign. It is this:

When starting a new game, try to get in two quick back-to-back sessions before settling into a comfortable gaming schedule.

For Autumn Frontiers, we managed (by pure luck, it seems) to play on a Thursday and then again the following Saturday. Two sessions in less than five days -- that was a herculean scheduling feat. But it managed to stoke the imaginations of both the players and the GM, thereby giving legs to a campaign that might otherwise have muddled along. I had to plan for two separate sessions, and the players got a chance to fine-tune their character concept with the followup session on Saturday.

It's a simple thing, but I'm glad our busy lives allowed for a quick burst of gaming to start off a new campaign.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea. I rarely play in real life, but when I used to have an AIM group (now I mostly play-by-post, though I'm trying to learn gametable/maptool to host something) I was always stoked whenever we would have sessions very close together or multiple sessions a week. Schedule shot us in the face way too often though.

Current Version said...

The one-two punch is really good for establishing characters, game worlds, and general enthusiasm, and I'm glad that we got to do it this time around. In my experience, the first session is usually a short one, being mainly composed of character creation/finalization and rules questions. Having the chance to almost immediately springboard into actual gaming does a lot for building momentum. Otherwise, people tend to only remember the mechanical aspect.

If you're starting up a new group/campaign, try it out, even if you can only manage a short session.