Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Return of the Diehard

Thought I'd left you there, huh? No, all is well in the land of the Diehards. Well, but busy.

Those few of you who know me in real life know that my day job just got "real" in the last couple of months. In brief: I'm a journalist, and I accepted a position at a large daily newspaper in December. Since then I've jumped headfirst into my new gig, which involves fast-paced, deadline-driven writing and reporting.

It hasn't left much time for gaming. I'm still chipping away at Autumn Frontiers, my sandbox wilderness campaign, but the group is fragmenting around me due to school, work and family obligations. One player might even move to Puerto Rico! Not many GMs can say they've ever driven a player off the continent before. Fingers crossed that I won't have that honor.

I also started playing in Chgowiz's The Dark Ages campaign, which has so far been a smashing good time. This is a real, live, face-to-face game played at our LGS in suburban Chicago. If you want to follow the campaign, surf on over to his blog or keep tabs on the campaign wiki.

And I'm also doing some freelance work for a large game publishing company. Can't talk about it yet -- NDAs have been signed and all that jazz -- but it's right up my alley and very rewarding, and it's a great complement to my day job as a journalist.

I'm hoping to resume blogging on RPG Diehard in the coming days -- perhaps not as fervently as I did during the summer of 2008, but frequently enough to stay connected to so many of the talented writers I've encountered over the last year. Cheers!

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Sanfio said...

Ahhh Chances of me leaving are actually quite small, and I have this bothersome itch to be arrogant and mean spirited and an @$&)^! overall, in other words I need Jalz Vul Duru, game on.