Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Overheard last weekend at my FLGS

Last weekend I spent a good chunk of time sitting on a stool at Games Plus playing in Chgowiz's Dark Ages campaign. When my thief character wasn't fighting goblins and pillaging ancient libraries, I listened in on another D&D campaign taking place one table away. Here's a random sampling of the quips I overheard:

"A month passes and the rains finally stop."

"All your hair falls out, so that means your Charisma decreases by 2."

"Alright, it's just you guys and the one-armed shapeshifter left in the room. What do you do?"

Heady stuff, eh?

I asked them what they were playing and got a pretty gratifying answer: "Well, it's D&D—but we're using little bits from all the editions, and it's worked for us for a long time."

The thing was, they couldn't have been older than high-school age, all of 'em. So for them to be talking about playing for a long time, even a few years, well that suggests that these enthusiastic chaps have been playing D&D—specifically a mishmash homebrew arrangement—from a pretty young age.

And that's pretty awesome, if you ask me.


noisms said...

Those bloody one-armed shapeshifters eh?

I think technically sometimes your charisma increases by 2 when your hair falls out. Look at Andre Agassi.

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

It's true! That's why I shave! :P

And those kids were having a blast! Made me want to either play in their game or invite them over.