Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chicagoland Games wins chamber of commerce award

My local game shop, Chicagoland Games, recently received an award from our neighborhood economic development group. Not bad for a store that hasn't even been open for a year yet! This announcement is about a month old, so I'm a latecomer to the action, but click here if you want to read more.

Congrats to J.P. and Lex for getting off to a great start!


Nope said...

aw man, I was just in chicago last month and this was actually close to where we were staying. I checked out Games Plus on suggestion from Chgowiz but was disappointed. The people weren't very friendly and I was ignored for a good ten minutes. It was well stocked but not many good sales, it looked like a good store to play games in if you live nearby but I got a not so friendly impression from the patrons and employees unfortunately.

Patrick W. Rollens said...

Yeah, G+ is a very old-school store. That appeals to some gamers; others, not so much.

Chicagoland Games is definitely a 21st century store. They have a great web forum and a bunch of friendly dudes willing to play any game with you. Just last week J.P. taught me "Small World" (a board game by Days of Wonder) and I was hooked after one game! I'm playing again tonight.

Look me up if you're ever in Chicago again, kaeosdad!