Monday, July 7, 2008

It's All about Timing or When It Rains, It Pours

I read a decent number of websites about gaming.  Some of them recount actual play, and some of them analyze actual play.  Others discuss sweet power arrays for characters and tactical options, while still others theorize about character driven play and collaboratively creating plot.  With all of these sites, I generally find it to be the case that gamers are a problem-focused lot.  Many gamers are problem solvers - they're good at identifying problems in their gaming and figuring out how to address them (e.g. how the kill that monster better/faster, how to design a system that makes a game more character driven and fitting a setting).  And out of these two skills - problem identification and solving - gamers are often best at the former.  We're just a naturally negative lot.  

All of this brings me to my current gaming problem, which seems to be a strange duck: After half of year of sporadic play, two games that have the vibe of regularity about them are vying for the same slot.  And one of my buddies who's in both games (and is almost always free to game) maybe can't make either.  

Forget about the substantive problems of gaming.  We should just be grateful when we get the opportunity to sit down around the table with 5 friends, all who have busy schedules, and roll fistfuls of dice.

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