Thursday, May 7, 2009

10mm Soviet Gallery

Here are a few photos of the 10mm Soviet infantry I just finished, along with a few shots of the relevant infantry next to my prepainted 1/144 plastic Soviet tanks. They scale pretty well, all things considered.

(All captions refer to the photo below them.)

These are Pendraken 10mm infantry figs. I based 'em on 1x2-inch metal bases, four soldiers to a base. I could have done more, especially at 10mm, but I was trying to stretch my pool of figures and do more with less. I'm thrifty that way. To represent the somewhat haphazard way Soviet troops received their individual arms, I put one submachine gun trooper with three riflemen on each base. The rightmost stand has a DT machinegunner as well. The platoon commander is based separately up front.

This is a prepainted 1/144 KV-1 from the World Tank Museum line.

This is a T-34/85 from the same line. On the whole I'm very pleased with these prepainted models.

This is a T-34/76 from World Tank Museum, along with some Soviet infantry.

This is a prepainted SU-76 from the Axis & Allies Miniatures line. Most of their tanks and vehicles are closer to 1/120, as opposed to 1/144, but certain pieces (like this tank destroyer) scale pretty well.

This is a prepainted T-70 from my Axis & Allies Miniatures collection. Again, it scales pretty well despite not being designed for 10mm modeling.

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Suleiman Kahani said...

I have to thank you from the heart since I wasn't aware that Axis and Allies miniatures T-70s and SU-76s were compatible with WTM models.

I am an Eastern Front enthusiast and was a bit setback from the tendency Takara had to release lots and lots of versions of the same trite old German models (like Tigers and so on) and to overlook important models like Russian SP guns and light tanks.

I mean, they have endless versions of Tiger, Tiger II, Elefant (less than 3,000 produced among them all) but no SU-85 or SU-100!

I have bought already a dozen T-70s and a dozen SU-76s on Ebay.

True, they are cruder and less detailed than my T-34s and IS-2s but I'll try to offset that with a good paint job.

One criticism is due however, the SU-76 ''suka'' (='bitch') wasn't a tank-destroyer but rather an infantry support gun like the early short-barrelled StuG III.

Crews were not told to hunt for enemy armour but rather to stay close to the infantry and pick off MG nests and pillboxes.

Thank you again!!!!!!

Just when I was wondering which other A&A models were compatible with 1/144 scale I read on Wikipedia that from Set VI onward they chose to switch to 'true' 15mm scale...bugger...