Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter is HBO

Today HBO greenlit the first TV season of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones novel, the first in the epic series A Song of Ice and Fire. This is great, great news—I've been following the casting and development of the pilot that was filmed late last year. Looks like it'll start filming in earnest this summer, with nine episodes planned for the first season (plus the pilot, which is already complete).

Take a look at this pic, which I swiped from Winter Is Coming, an excellent rumor site dedicated to the show's development. That's from the opening chapter of the book, when brothers of the Night's Watch venture into the haunted forest in pursuit of wildling raiders. But something else is stirring in the frigid woods, something ancient and evil...

Time to go subscribe to HBO!


Mouse said...

Hot Damn!

That's good news. I'm looking forward to seeing the casting! Lets hope they don't screw up a great story!

Patrick W. Rollens said...

The cast list for the pilot (and presumably for the whole first season) is already up on IMDB!

The casting looks really, really solid so far. And did I mention the guy they cast as Khal Drogo is also going to be in the new Conan movie?