Friday, March 12, 2010

These 1/72 guys look better in a group

I've been painting off and on the last couple of weeks, and I've finally ended up with a decent array of 1/72 medieval knight dudes. I'm planning to use these for mass combat in a variety of game systems, so everything has been kept intentionally generic. They're just a bunch of guys with swords and shields, which is great. And they look pretty sharp in a big group—and they're SO CHEAP.

The cavalry take a long time to paint, not the least because I am running out of ways to paint the horses. Moving forward, I think they're just going to be black or brown, to save time. I'm very pleased with how the bases have come out...this is my new basing scheme, which takes a lot of time but looks very nice when finished.

I wish I could say my painting is drawing to a close, but it's not. I just picked up 35+ random fantasy miniatures at a gaming auction last weekend. Add that to the pile of unpainted dudes sitting around on my desk, and I should be well occupied until this time next year.


David Larkins said...

These look great! Nice basing scheme, too.

BTW, my go-to horse painting resource is a page full of toy horses.

Putting together a generic medieval 1/72nd army is a great idea, and with the Caesar plastics fantasy line one could easily do some classic Chainmail-style fantasy wargaming.

Patrick W. Rollens said...

Thanks sirlarkins! That horses page is...well..perfect for my occasional horse painting. It's bookmarked!

I've got enough loose figures to do another 4 or 5 infantry bases, along with maybe 4 more cavalry bases. After that, I'll probably consider this particular miniatures project "done" until I find myself needing more dudes for a bigger battle.