Sunday, January 16, 2011

Asteroid defense stations for Full Thrust

After this past weekend's Full Thrust game, I finally made good on my intent to scratch-build a couple orbital defense stations for use in our games.

I used lava rocks straight out of the bag, no repainting, and glued various Mechwarrior bits and bobs to the craggy surface (no repainting of the MW bits the colors you see are from the original unit paintjob). Both took about 20 minutes to create, and that included sifting through my bits box for appropriately shaped stuff.

I really like the idea of a space navy towing hollowed-out asteroids into orbit around various strategic planets, then filling them with power plants and weapons and gun crews to defend the system. I tried to point the guns and missile launchers in various directions, rather than all straight horizontal, since these defense stations will be engaging targets all around them. Hopefully we'll game with them soon!

1 comment:

Desert Scribe said...

Nice job! I've been meaning to construct one of these myself.

What kind of stats will you hve it? I envision something with a lot of armor and heavy weapons, including missiles and fighters.