Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Check out the packaging on 6d6 Fireball's minis

I'm going to be reviewing some miniatures that were sent to me by Chris at 6d6 Fireball. They arrived last weekend, and while I've not been able to paint them up yet, I did have a chance to admire the cool packaging. Check out the box for the Quorakon War Party.

And how about that one-sentence descriptor: "Four-armed, stone-weapon using apes with a rich culture." That's brevity that even the most old-school of referees couldn't help but admire.

I really dig little boxes and storage units, for some strange reason. So doubtless this box will get put to some shrewd use long after I've painted up the Quorakons and posted the photos here.


the Reverend said...

They actually sell these boxes at Staples! I have a few. They come in different sizes and colors too! They are like a buck a piece.

Chris Tregenza said...


They come from the Really Useful Box Company and come a wide range of sizes and styles.

I did a post a little while ago about why we choose these boxes: Its Not Easy Being Green