Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dogs with Laser Eyes Eat Pat's Minis

Pat's recently been showcasing his miniature painting and construction skill, much to the delight of our readers. As his sometimes GM, it seemed appropriate to remind him that his characters can't always experience success. So, Pat, this is what the cruel universe will surely do to all the armies you so painstakingly create.

(Many thanks to my brother-in-law, Pear Bear, who photoshopped this pic! There's clearly a reason he enjoyed his first foray into rpgs so much, that big nerd. FYI, the dogs are Pear Bear's, and are lovingly named Athena and Megatron.)

1 comment:

Hungry Ghosts said...

This is what you deserve for admiring the foul Unicorn.

A horse with a horn on its head is still a horrible snorting monstrosity best served boiled with phosphorus & elf.

The only good thing about Unicorns is that they sometimes have beards. And these do not.

Just some advice from a concerned Dwarf.