Monday, August 25, 2008

Rock-Con 2008 is on my calendar

Gencon was fun — but huge. I only ended up playing one scheduled game, although in all fairness we were able to snag a few demos and sit-down board games.

I’m excited about Rock-Con, a medium-sized annual convention outside Rockford, IL. That’s about an hour from my place in Chicago, so this is an ideal convention for someone (like me) who wants to actually play games, rather than shop and watch others play games.

There’s very little content on the Rock-Con 2008 site right now, and I really hope that changes soon. I’m particularly excited about the historical minis representation at the con — it’s put on by the Noble Miniatures team, so you can bet they’ll have a bevy of historical wargames on hand. For a guy who’s been spending a lot of time with sci-fi and horror RPGs, there’s something really appealing about taking command of a Wehrmacht detachment in the ruins of Stalingrad. Count me in.

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