Monday, February 1, 2010

Grenadier's Fighting Men take the paint pretty well

I finally started painting up the box of Grenadier Fighting Men I picked up at last year's gaming auction. It wasn't without pitfall, I'm afraid; I snapped the frail lead leg off the first guy I picked up. But the next three fellows ended up looking like they walked right out of the old AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide.

My favorite part? The beards. They're all different. Not sure why, but that just tickles me.

Here's hoping I can avoid destroying the rest of these miniatures. They really are quite soft.

Curious what the originals look like? Here's a pic of the boxed set as it appeared when I bought it four months ago.


Aaron E. Steele said...

Man, in the day, did Grenadier ever do a crappy job with their sculpts. Great job with the paint, yes, these figures definitely take me back

If i'm not mistaken, I had a boxed set of grenadier minis. Dungeoneers perhaps?

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

@PatrickWR - Time to break out the green stuff. If you need help with the leg, let me know... hopefully you kept it!?

@Paladin Not all Grenadiers - Jane Guthrie's stuff rocks. Mega Minis sells her minis now - the old school stuff. RPG Diehard has seen her stuff on my table.

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember Broadsword miniatures? I had two of them and they were pretty awesome. Time to scour the Blogwebs.

Nice painting - especially the basing. Too bad about the leg.

Emperor said...

Im way to new school to know much about Grenadier. But great job!

I have a tyranid 40k army sitting around here somewhere, I could probably sell them, with the custom paint, for about $1200 USD now.

christian said...

You did a great job with those!

Anonymous said...

Nice job. I've always had a soft spot for early Grenadier models. They evoke the Trampier illustrations in the AD&D books, intentionally or not. I would say all the old AD&D Grenadiers paint up very nicely. The sculptor went a little overboard with the folds in the clothing, and the limbs have funky proportions (especially the dwarves and hobbits), though.

The fighting men was one of the first sets I got (I think I actually got the halflings first, for some reason). The polearms and two-handed sword broke very quickly though.